Here are the five candidates who didn't qualify for Detroit's debates.


Job: Retired U.S. Senator

State: Alaska

Age: 89

Claims to fame: He has a long antiwar record, having read the Pentagon Papers into the congressional record while representing Alaska from 1969 to 1981.

Biggest weaknesses: He is the oldest candidate, he lost long-shot bids for the Democratic and Libertarian nominations in 2008, and his campaign and Twitter account are run by high school and college students from Westchester County, New York.

Candidate visits to Michigan: None


Job: U.S. representative

State: Massachusetts

Age: 40

Claims to fame: He threatened in 2018 to withhold support to elect Nancy Pelosi as the new House speaker until he and others negotiated a term-limits deal for House party leaders in which they serve in leadership posts for eight years.

Biggest weaknesses: Despite serving four tours in Iraq as a Marine and calling for putting country over party, some Democratic House members told POLITICO they view him as an opportunistic grand stander with few legislative accomplishments.

Candidate visits to Michigan: July 2 in Ann Arbor


Job: Mayor of Miramar

State: Florida

Age: 45

Claims to fame: He runs a Miami-area city where he says he helped firms prosper while protecting the environment and played on the 1993 Florida State University championship football team. He is among three black candidates in the race.

Biggest weaknesses: Low name recognition, difficulty in raising money and faces obstacles since he would become only the third mayor ever elected president.

Candidate visits to Michigan: None


Job: Retired Navy admiral and former congressman

State: Pennsylvania

Age: 67

Claims to fame: He has decades of national defense experience and defied party leaders in 2010 by beating Sen. Arlen Specter, a Republican turned Democrat, before losing to Republican Pat Toomey in the general election. 

Biggest weaknesses: He has low name recognition, started his campaign quite late and could have trouble raising money. He is among three former House members running.

Candidate visits to Michigan: None


Job: Hedge fund manager and philanthropist 

State: California

Age: 62

Claims to fame: Steyer has contributed more to Democrats than any other donor ($248 million cumulatively, according to the Center for Responsive Politics) and is heading efforts to impeach President Donald Trump and combat climate change.

Biggest weaknesses: He's a billionaire when other 2020 candidates are railing against billionaires, and his late entry into the race in July could cost him media time, the best pick of staffers and the qualifications to debate in Detroit and other cities.

Candidate visits to Michigan: None