U.S. senator from Massachusetts

State: Massachusetts

Age: 69

Claims to fame: Her calls for greater consumer protections led to the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under President Barack Obama. She was the first candidate to call for impeaching Trump. Her many policy plans prompted the slogan, "I’ve Got a Plan For That."

Biggest weaknesses: She had a muddled explanation for past assertions that she has Native-American ancestry, later apologizing. As one of the most progressive candidates in the field, she may struggle to win moderate voters. 

Miami moment: She emphasized combating "corruption" in a system that favors the powerful and connected. "What's been missing is courage — courage in Washington to take on the giants," she said.

Candidate visits to Michigan: Candidate visits to Michigan: July 24 for the NAACP national convention in Detroit; June 4 in Detroit and Lansing