U.S. senator from Vermont

State: Vermont

Age: 77

Claims to fame: The self-described democratic socialist narrowly won Michigan's 2016 Democratic primary by energizing college crowds with his big government plans, proved a prolific fundraiser with grassroots supporters and fueled the party's leftward lurch.

Biggest weaknesses: He is among three candidates who would be the oldest individual ever elected as president, has failed to diversify his mostly white voting base and potentially has too radical of a platform to win a general election.

Miami moment: He said, "Nothing will change unless we have the guts to take on Wall Street, the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the military-industrial complex and the fossil fuel industry." 

Candidate visits to Michigan: Candidate visits to Michigan: July 24 for the NAACP national convention in Detroit; April 13 in Coopersville and Warren. *expected to come Sunday too to get insulin from Canada