Former U.S. representative from Texas

State: Texas

Age: 46

Claims to fame: He came within 3 percentage points of beating GOP Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018, plays up his time as a one-time punk rock guitarist and has unscripted discussions with voters that make him seem charismatic and inspirational.

Biggest weaknesses: He is vague on policy details, has awkward moments on social media, such as live-streaming a dentist visit, and his bipartisan optimism may backfire among Democrats seeking a hard-left, partisan candidate.

Miami moment: He was the first candidate to answer a question in Spanish, but analysts said he didn't effectively parry attacks by Julian Castro and Bill de Blasio.

Candidate visits to Michigan: July 24 for the NAACP national convention in Detroit and town hall in Flint; Detroit, Center Line and Ferndale on March 19.