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USS Detroit specifications

The latest USS Detroit, the sixth vessel to bear the name, puts the Navy’s latest technology into its fastest combat ship. Littoral combat ships are designed to operate in shallower waters than the fleet’s larger members. To do that, it’s designed for maximum speed and maneuverability. In addition, the ship can modify up to 40 percent of its onboard space in order to meet the demands of different mission types.

Class and type: Littoral combat ship (LCS), Freedom variant

Full load and displacement: 3,400 metric tons

Length: 389 feet

Beam (width): 57 feet

Draft (depth): 13.5 feet

Speed: 45 knots (52 mph)

Propulsion: Combined diesel and gas turbine with steerable water jet propulsion

Complement: 50 core crew, with accommodations for up to 98


Project credits

360-degree photography: Daniel Mears / The Detroit News

Additional photography: Lockheed Martin, U.S. Navy

Design: Tom Gromak / The Detroit News

Editor: Kevin Hardy / The Detroit News

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